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Coming alongside to encourage and equip

There is so much more to fitness than just changing the way you look. In CrossFit, our goal is to build strength, and at Parakaleo our goal is to strengthen people. By coming together to build each other up, we all become stronger.

Community is not just about saying “good job” to each other at the end of a workout. Community is about creating connections that extend beyond the walls of the gym because we believe that the strength we are all actually looking for comes from knowing that we are not doing life alone. 


Jeremiah Head

Head Coach

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Football

2021 CrossFit Games 6th Place

2022 LA Hyrox Pro 45-49 Division 1st Place

2018 Wodapalooza 3rd Place

2019 Wodapalooza 2nd Place

2020 Legends Championship 2nd Place

2021 Legends Championship 3rd Place

2020 & 2022 USA Functional Fitness Champion 

Jeremiah is a lifelong athlete who discovered the impact the weight room had on his athletic performance when he was 17 years old. He has been in a gym ever since! He grew up playing baseball, and in High School he stood out in basketball and volleyball. He went on to play college basketball and collegiate club volleyball while also starting to pick up coaching jobs. He realized right away that coaching was what he was made to do. He decided to pursue a teaching career so that he could coach sports after school. Jeremiah’s coaching career has allowed him to work with over a thousand high school and college athletes. Most of his coaching became focused in basketball and volleyball as he developed incredibly successful high school programs and spent time assistant coaching Women’s Volleyball at the University of Redlands. He and Tiffany also owned and directed a Volleyball Club that earned a highly sought after Nike Elite Club sponsorship. 


In 2007, Jeremiah found CrossFit and everything he thought about fitness and training changed. He immediately went home and began to dismantle his classic home gym set up to create his own personal “box” in his garage, and he has never looked back! During those early years, he invited everyone he knew to come train with him. Whether it was a group of friends in the garage or a team in the weight room, Jeremiah used CrossFit as the foundation for everything he did. 


His passion for coaching and training led Jeremiah and Tiffany to open their first gym in 2011 where he specialized in training high school and college athletes for sports. However, when the players’ parents started asking to join in on the workouts, they decided to go all in and their gym became a CrossFit Affiliate in 2012. 


As they coached and grew their CrossFit community, Jeremiah found a passion for competing in the sport of CrossFit. After starting as an athlete who couldn’t do a muscle up or handstand, Jeremiah dedicated himself to becoming an athlete whose CrossFit career has now taken him around the country to compete at the highest levels in the sport. He has qualified for and earned podium finishes at the most competitive CrossFit competitions in the world including Wodapalooza and Legends Championship. He has been the USA Functional Fitness Champion twice and will be representing the United States this fall in the iF3 Masters’s World Championships in Canada. After years of top finishes in the CrossFit Open and Age Group Qualifiers, Jeremiah qualified for the 2021 CrossFit Games where he finished in 6th place in the Masters 45-49 division. 


One of the things that Jeremiah values most about his experiences in coaching and competing are the things that it has taught him. After 30 years of coaching, 15 years of teaching, 15 years of CrossFit training, 10 years of competing in the sport of CrossFit, 10 years of running an affiliate, and three years of reflection after their gym closed in 2020, Jeremiah is excited to come back to leading Parakaleo CrossFit with a completely new perspective. While his passion for fitness is still at the heart of it, he hopes to challenge everything we have all come to expect and believe about fitness and competition.

Tiffany Head

Community Director

CrossFit Level 1

When Tiffany started CrossFit she weighed over 300 pounds. It took years for her to work up the courage to open a gym with her husband, but it only took a few days of CrossFit to change what she believed she was capable of. Ten years of working out alongside others at Parakaleo CrossFit led to a radical transformation as she lost 145 pounds and regained her health, but more importantly, it changed the way she thought about everything! 

After years of going it alone, feeling frustrated, defeated, and hopeless in her struggle to lose weight, Tiffany learned that together is the best way to go! It was not that weight loss got easier inside of their CrossFit gym. It was that the journey toward health became an amazing adventure when she had people around to walk through it with, to make it more fun, to pick her up when she fell down, and to encourage her along the way.


When Parakaleo closed its doors in 2020, Tiffany became even more aware of the power of this community when it was no longer there. Like so many others, she struggled in isolation as she walked through anxiety and loss during that time. It wasn’t until she reached out to her friends who gathered around her to remind her of who she was and how strong she was that she was able to get back up on her feet. That is why Tiffany is re-opening Parakaleo CrossFit more convinced than ever that the most powerful tool we have to bring about transformation in our lives is each other! 


Tiffany brings her passion for people, her 10 years of CrossFit training and affiliate ownership, 5 years of CrossFit coaching, extensive knowledge and experience with weight loss support, her heart for gathering women together to build them up, her love for over the top parties and events, and so much JOY to Parakaleo CrossFit because there is no other place she would rather be than here doing life and fitness together with you!



If you are anything like me 10 years ago, feeling hopeless but still feeling something inside that wished I could try CrossFit


maybe you are like

me right now, knowing how much I love CrossFit and how much I miss it, but also fully aware of what I have lost since not being part of a CrossFit for a long time . . . . THEN I THINK WE NEED EACH OTHER!

If there is something inside of you that lights up when you think about trying CrossFit or coming back to CrossFit, but the other 99% of you is scared to death, then I would LOVE to talk with you! I cannot promise that you will fall in love with CrossFit like I did, that's ok because that's not the thing I want to talk about! I would just love to hear your story, to answer your questions, and to let you know that you are not alone in this!


P.S.  I love Coffee but I also love Coke Zero and tacos so I'm actually really flexible on what we order


Along the way, as Jeremiah and Tiffany were growing their CrossFit box, they began to see a need amongst the athletes in their gym for developing flexibility, range of motion, and practicing proper preparation and recovery habits that could benefit their CrossFit training and overall health. They partnered with Jeremiah’s brother, Daniel, and his wife Shawna to create a program and an app called ROMWOD that delivered daily mobility routines to athletes all around the world. Thanks to business partners that joined our team, ROMWOD became the Official Mobility Sponsor of the CrossFit Games for 5 years and has given back to the sport and community of CrossFit through athlete and event sponsorships and through our support of charitable organizations within the CrossFIt space. In 2022, ROMWOD became Pliability and continues to provide exceptional programming that has expanded to meet the needs of athletes in a variety of sports and phases of life.

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