October 28, 2017  
Community Grace WOD  

Barbells for Boobs is coming to Redlands!

Our Goal is to bring our whole community together to raise funds & awareness for their amazing organization with a Free Community Grace WOD and celebration. 

100% of the money raised at this event goes directly to Barbells for Boobs - LITERALLY EVERYTHING!

Event Details

This event is designed to bring our local community together for a great cause. It is not a "competition." We will have judges and we will keep score, but the winners are those that we help with our fundraising.


Opening Ceremony

Zionna, the founder of Barbells for Boobs, will speak to get our day started. You don't want to miss hearing the motivation behind why we are coming together!

The Grace WOD

30 Clean & Jerks for Time (10 min. cap)

     Rx Men: 135 lbs.          Rx Women: 95 lbs. 

     Scaled Men: 95 lbs.     Scaled Women: 55 lbs.

Kids' Grace

30 Clean & Jerks for Time (10 min. cap)

     Ages 5 & Up: PVC & Dumbells 

     Email us to sign up kids (no fundraising page needed)

Raffle Tickets 

We have some AMAZING things from our favorite CrossFit companies that you can win! More details coming soon.

Food & Celebration

More details coming soon.

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How To Participate


Join us in raising funds for Barbells for Boobs by creating a fundraising page of your own. Then come out to do Grace with us for free! 


We would love to have your box work together to raise funds for Barbells for Boobs! It is a great way to build your own community and to make a real difference. Affiliates who create a TEAM fundraising page will be able to bring their whole fundraising team to do Grace with us for free. We will even set aside a time for all your members to do Grace together!


Use the pink form below to email in your registration. You will receive an email confirmation once your registration is processed. We will also email you with heat schedules once they are determined. 

Contact Us 


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